Rachel Camileri

Artist Focus: Rachel Camilleri

British Abstract Artist, Rachel Camilleri is best known for her bright abstract artworks, characterised by bold layering of vibrant colours and textures.  Working mostly in acrylics and spray paint and using mainly a squeegee when painting, her work is intuitive and expressive as she draws inspiration from the world around her.  Her home town of Manchester, interior design, architecture, street art, nature and music are a few of her influences.

Rachel explains, ‘I like to use big expressive movements when painting on canvas.  My art process can sometimes be very energetic.  Creating large movements when applying the medium gives my mark making a sense of motion; creating energy within the painting’.

‘Art is therapeutic for me; it is a positive outlet for expressing my emotions.  Working alone with just paints and a canvas I like to create work that provokes emotion within the viewer.’

‘I love the emotional impact that colour has on people.  Colour is a powerful communication tool and can influence moods, feelings and behaviour.  I hope that my art has the ability to uplift and connect with the viewer through its spirited and vibrant colour palette.’